The Thornham Oyster Company: Wine, Sauce, and Hampers

Looking to treat someone to a special meal for this upcoming Valentine’s Day? The Thornham Oyster Company have you covered with a Valentine’s Day hamper, now with a 30% discount. 

The hamper brings the best of the Norfolk coast right to your door, including 12 Brancaster Oysters, Chapel Down Blanc de Blancs English sparkling wine, TOC Caviar, homemade Bloody Mary serve, seaweed flake and a bouquet of flowers from Rambling Rose accompanied with their Homemade Mignonette, Lemon, Rocket Ship Hot Sauce & Shucker Knife.

The Valentine’s Hamper- now 30% off

Looks delicious, right? It gets better. 

Are you also looking to do your nuptials this new year? Maybe Valentines Day worked out well for you…The fabulous trio at The Thornham Oyster Company also offers a wedding service, showcasing their oysters with all the trimmings, with custom serves to suit the Bride & Groom palate, and even a Wedding Fruit de Mer option with lobster, crab, langoustine, and smoked shrimp for all your guests to enjoy. 

The Thornham Oyster Company started two years ago when, two out of the three owners, Jack and Josh were on vacation on the Continent, stopping at a stunning restaurant by a beach. A waiter visited the pair with a tray of oysters hung around his neck and he shucked some oysters for the two then and there. 

“We thought, with such incredible seafood on the beautiful Norfolk coastline, why isn’t this being done back home? We got together with Max when we returned, who was just as passionate, instantly suggesting ideas and visions for the business, and up the Thornham Oyster Company was born!” Jack said.  

Now the company is split between two locations, being partly based in its namesake Thornham and the other aspects of work being run outside of Norwich. 

As the business has grown, the trio has been able to offer more and more to their shell-fish loving customers, offering pop-up oyster bars and private dinner parties alongside their amazing hampers now available on their website. 

They’re also launching their Oyster Masterclass this year- a group occasion in the comfort of ones own home where the trio educate customers on their prized mollusc, how to correctly dress an oyster, and help them explore what their taste and senses desire by sampling the finest local wines to match what they have created. 

Jack said, “Being centrally situated to the county, it gives us the ability to get to as many of our lovely customers as possible. We want to show people what there is to offer from our shores. We want for them to then be inspired to try more local produce and experiment with what’s available on their doorstep. All three of us are from Norwich, proud local lads that are now getting to showcase what their county has to offer. We couldn’t be happier!” 

Styled photoshoot at The Old Post Office, Harleston –

The Thornham Oyster Company works alongside local suppliers to bring you the best hampers one could possibly ask for with local wine, hot sauce, and other special local treats. 

If it wasn’t for the pandemic, Jack explained, the trio simply wouldn’t have their hampers at all as all their wedding booking, events, and tour with Naked Wines were suddenly cancelled. Needing to adapt quickly, the trio came up with the idea of hampers and have since delivered countless hampers far and wide, opening new doors for the company that they hadn’t even considered. 

Jack said, “Our Christmas hamper was a huge hit and we hope to make that a tradition for families year on year. What could possibly be better than Norfolk oysters and the finest English sparkling wine to start your celebrations for any occasion?

“We love the people we meet. Our wonderful customers. The conversation that is sparked with what can be enjoyed from the humble oyster is something that we treasure. People from all walks of life are intrigued with what we offer and that only thrives our passion. The look on peoples faces when you arrive at their house with hamper that is going to be the centerpiece of their weekend is something beautiful. Smiles from ear to ear. That can’t be beaten.”

Now, with this new vaccine, orders are coming in for events and weddings fast, so be sure to book in with them as soon as you can! They’ve just launched their new website, so why not check it out here to see what you can get from the seaside loving trio and give them a follow on social media @TheThornhamOysterCo 

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