Ipswich Prep School: Lockdown Learning

How has online school worked for your family - have you discovered any unexpected upsides to having the children at home? Teachers at Ipswich Prep have noticed that pupils’ digital literacy and problem solving skills have developed over

The Cake Garden by AKL: Edible Blooms!

The Cake Garden by AKL is a new Ipswich based business selling unique flower cake boxes and bouquets! Run by dancer, Abby Lawrence – we caught up to learn more about the business.
Abby Lawrence
Let’s start with a brief introduction -

Suffolk Meadow: A Fresh Scoop of Happiness!

Suffolk Meadow is a luxury artisan ice cream and sorbet company established over 30 years ago, by David and Colette Strachan in 1989. The company made its start in the farmhouse kitchen and has now been scooped up by their daughter…
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New Ipswich Gym
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