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The Gatherers Bar and Restaurant: Welcome Back!

Daniel Farrow, owner of The Gatherers bar and restaurant in Norwich says the restaurant will reopen its beer garden on April 12th, serving exclusively BBQ food and from May 17th, will open for indoor dining with a new menu focused on…

Little Pie Patisserie: A Little Slice Of Heaven

The colder months are still ahead and there’s only one thing we all crave at this time of year…delicious food! If you’re looking to curb that pesky sweet tooth, look no further than the Little Pie Patisserie who deliver cakes,

Meet: Harry’s Soul Train

Harry’s Soul Train is the new fast-moving family-run food truck that’s made the best of a bad time in Norwich. Marc and Donna decided to buy and renovate their newly bought trailer after they were furloughed at the beginning of

Norwich Free Market

Norwich Free Market all began in lockdown when we were providing soup to the homeless, local community and friends, neighbours and anyone who wanted a proper cooked meal. After Ramadan we wanted to be able to do more than just ‘rescue’