Emporium Norwich: Bringing The Flavour!

Emporium Norwich is a small family business with a mission to provide people with happier and healthier moments, helping them to experience a unique flavour with constant quality and cherishing excellence in service. The main product is the Brigadeiro (BREE-GAH-DAY-RO) which is a traditional Brazilian style artisanal chocolate confectionery, with a creamy, velvet and rich texture.

Mary Doggett – Instagram: @maryettphotography – www.ettphotography.co.uk 

Emporium Norwich believes strongly and faithfully in sticking to their values and generating innovation, with a heavy focus on social and environmental responsibility within the company.

They’ve also recently launched two new products that revolutionize versatility…

The Passion Fruit Brigadeiro:

It’s sour and sweet in flavour, with an intense and enveloping taste that could make anyone salivate with just a thought, creating a sensation of novelty and lightness. A species native from South America, the Passion Fruit is an ingredient with a refreshing aroma and a characteristic flavour.

The Dusted Brazil Nuts:

Those sweet treats are made with Brazillian nuts covered in the Finest Belgian Callebaut Chocolate and are flavoured with Passion Fruit and Banana. It isn’t only a snack with an indescribable taste, but also an innovation project designed in the gastronomic experience of their customers.

All of Emporium Norwich’s products are handcrafted, with natural ingredients and no preservatives or equipment.

They can be consumed as a dessert, as an appetizer with drinks, and are also for children, who will no doubt be delighted with the sweet treats!

It is the face of summer and brings all the freshness and joy of the season.

Ready to taste the BEST treat?

Mary Doggett – Instagram: @maryettphotography – www.ettphotography.co.uk 

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