Doodle Donuts: A Delicious local vegan treat

Glazed, sprinkled, frosted or vegan… every donut is a special treat that should be greedily gobbled up unapologetically. Devour the dozen, we say!

If you, too, believe in donuts above everything else, then let us tell you all about a little secret of ours… Doodle Donuts!

Delicious, local, fresh, handmade vegan-friendly donuts right at your doorstep with a wide variety of flavours and designs to choose from- what more could you want?! So, before we get caught salivating over her delicious treats, we caught up with owner Gemma to find out a bit more about her business…

Hi Gemma! Let’s start with a brief introduction to Doodle Donuts, shall we? What inspired you? What is your background? 

I have always worked in the food industry and kitchens, and found a love for sweets/desserts. Donuts were one of my favourite foods and when I started nearly five years ago there wasn’t much in the area for donut choice, apart from standard jam and custard. 

Let’s talk a bit about when Doodle Donuts was established, where you are based and what type of fabulous doughnuts do you make? 

It was established in April 2017. We are based near Framlingham and we trade regularly at Ipswich markets, we also deliver locally and post to the UK. We make vegan handmade donuts, as well as hot donut combinations and fried oreos and have also grown to run alongside TFI VEGAN. 

Sounds delicious! Who do your donuts appeal to (except for us, of course)?

We appeal to a lot of foodies, those who appreciate homemade and quality-made treats. Our donuts can be eaten by any age group and appeals to vegans but also customers with allergies. However, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the product!

That’s so great! So, what, in your opinion, gives you an edge over your competitors? What do you offer over and above what others can, what makes your offer unique? 

I love to create new flavours and, as I am small scale, I can introduce and experiment with new donuts regularly. When I started, there weren’t any places locally that offered a wide selection, or even handmade donuts. I still hand roll, so each donut is made with care. 

That sounds like a lot of dedication to your craft! Is it just you at Doodle Donuts?

I employ no one at the moment and I do it alone, with help from my dad at bigger events. Hopefully, I will look to employ next year, a love of baking and a friendly personality would be key!

Absolutely! Now to the future: Are there any positive developments you’d like to mention?  

We’re hoping to expand to a permanent location next year, but all official things will possibly be announced next year.

Exciting stuff! Now, we can’t talk about the history of Doodle Donuts without talking about the impact the pandemic has had on industries like yours. What are you doing differently to ensure your business is secure moving forward?  

The pandemic has affected the business in that I can’t trade as often as I was before, mostly due to risks and also lack of customers out and about. Also, a lot of events were postponed as well as weddings but I was able to, thankfully, push deliveries and wholesale, which grew in the pandemic. 

That’s some good news at least! To ease people’s minds, can you tell us a bit about what measures you have in place to keep everyone safe? 

I lateral flow twice a week to make sure I am safe to make the donuts, and anyone who helps me does too. I have also kept to outside-only events for the majority. 

Amazing! Let’s end on a positive note: Tell us why you love what you do and the three most important things you want to tell potential customers about your business.  

I love to create and bake, and Doodle Donuts allows me to do that. I also love to bring a little happiness to someone’s day, and food definitely makes me happy. So when a customer really enjoys my donuts, its one of my favourite parts. 

1: We always handmake and will continue to do so as we grow 

2: We want to make our donuts accessible for all so have tried to make a version for most to enjoy 

3: I am so grateful to everyone who buys from Doodle Donuts as they help us grow and continue to do what I love 

Well, you heard it here first, Doodle Donuts is the place to be!

If you’re looking for a dozen reasons to be happy, be sure to purchase your own box of Doodle Donuts. Gemma supplies her donuts at The Little Shop of Vegans and Shore, Coffee By The Coast and you can also find her at the Cornhill Farmer’s Market in Ipswich occasionally. Need to curb your sweet tooth now? You can order online! Simply head to their website and purchase a box of your own. Gemma delivers only to Suffolk, but can post around the UK, and is on call to supply you with your next-day delivery of sweet treats, with delivery prices starting from £4.

What are you waiting for? It’s Donut O’clock!

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