Vanilla Feb 2021: The Month of Self Care

February is the year of love, thanks to St. Valentine, so in this new edition of Vanilla we’re treating you to a bit of self love because, let’s all be honest, we need a bit of it at the minute.  

The first 2021 edition of Vanilla is being put together now and we are calling it our “Feel Good” issue and we’re packing it with all things that make us feel good – romance; health and fitness; staycations; home inspiration; beauty; fashion and, of course, our fabulous Vanilla competitions. 

We’ve also expanded the new Manilla section so there’s plenty to interest the chaps, including a makeover on our Publisher, Daren – a truly miraculous transformation! Inside these fabulous pages we cover all the necessary things like grooming and self-care so that you can truly learn to love yourself this year. 

So snuggle in with a cup of hot coco, or in some cases a nice glass of wine… or two, to keep those January blues away and crack open the new glossy pages of Vanilla, coming to you all very soon. 

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all the readers we see supporting us on social media- we always love to hear your feedback and we’re so happy to be able to share all the amazing things we’re getting up to. 

Expect even more digital content coming your way this new year: plenty of videos, sound bites and the odd cheeky question that we desperately want answered in the office… even a new podcast coming to your very ears soon! 

The cover of our Feel Good edition!

Of course we’re also aware that businesses are going through a lot right now, especially our fabulous locals. Here at Vanilla, we’ve always done our best to highlight all the amazing businesses that are available in East Anglia but now more than ever we’re doing our best to give the limelight to those who need it most. 

We are here and here for you, whenever that may be. Whether you need advice about advertising your business during lockdown, getting back open or how to get back in touch with your customers.

Contact our team today on 01473 400380 to find out how we can help you promote your business this year. Our working hours haven’t changed and, as ever, we are here to listen and offer our professional advice and services.

Why not take your business to new heights this year and make 2021 something to shout about. Here’s to a fabulous Vanilla 2021- may it be a better year than the last! 

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