Vlad’s Patisserie

Here at Vanilla, we’re true believers that happiness starts with a cake in each hand, and no one understands this more than local bakery, Vlad’s Patisserie.

Founder and pastry chef Vladimir Zdarsky has a long history with delicious sweet treats, first picking up a rolling pin in 2013 to conquer the baking world as an apprentice. Along the way, he found his passion for perfect pastries and desserts but, when tragedy struck and lockdown was announced, Vlad found himself with plenty of free time in which to put the idea of starting his own patisserie in the oven to rise.

And so, after plenty of kneading, rolling out the kinks and sweetening the deal, Vlad’s Patisserie’s timer of business completion and success finally rung out loud and proud for the people of Tuddenham St Martin and beyond to hear.

A fellow lover of the sweeter things in life, Vlad said on his patisserie and career, “I can bring my ideas to life within a few hours while learning new skills nearly every day – what’s not to love about that? I have been very lucky that my customers keep coming back, especially during a pandemic, and I’m always grateful for the support.”

Vlad creates and bakes a wide range of delicious, decadent desserts, ranging from passionfruit and chocolate tarts to a chocolate marble cake with chocolate chips and freeze-dried raspberries and his decadent version of Millionaire shortbread… it’s safe to say our tummies are rumbling! Vlad also creates an absolutely fantastic pastry box, filled to the brim with the most mouth-watering Paris-Brest and other yummy treats.

Fancy a bite? You’re in luck!

Alongside being able to collect these boxes from The Fountain Pub, where Vlad also works as a chef, he’ll also be attending his first ever Suffolk Farmers Market in Trinity Park on the 19th of March 2022, so not only do you get a delicious dessert, but you also get to meet and thank the man who made them.

Want to keep up to date with all the new desserts Vlad jots down on his menu? Then be sure to follow him on Instagram (@vladspatisserie) or head to his website www.vladspatisserie.co.uk.

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