Little Pie Patisserie: A Little Slice Of Heaven

The colder months are still ahead and there’s only one thing we all crave at this time of year…delicious food! 

If you’re looking to curb that pesky sweet tooth, look no further than the Little Pie Patisserie who deliver cakes, pastries, afternoon teas, grazing boxes, ready meal and dinner party packages all over Norwich. 

Owner Katie Marie started Little Pie Patisserie in 2015 as a way to earn extra money alongside her other jobs in publishing and mortgage brokering whilst also feeding her craving of baking! 

Owner Katie Marie

Over the years, Little Pie Patisserie grew steadily and Katie moved to part time work in a cafe, which helped develop her baking and cookery skills. 

Like most unfortunately, Katie lost her job during the pandemic but not all hope was lost as it was the final big push for Katie to fully commit to Little Pie Patisserie. 

“Ive always had a passion for food, but I havent always been a great cook! When I left home at nineteen, I could barely boil a pan of pasta! Initially I just wanted to learn how to cook for my family but soon realised how much I enjoyed and had a flair for cooking and baking,” Katie explained. 

“People that know me well, know that I am very headstrong and like to be in control. Self-employment was a logical step for me in terms of just wanting to be my own boss and being in charge of all areas of the business is something that I really love.”

Katie has always been at the ready with new ideas, in the first lockdown her and her partner Steve came up with the idea of ‘Stay Home Supper Club’ which provided vegetarian ready meals and became very popular very quickly and is still available for takeaway. Little Pie Patisserie used to host supper clubs & large events, of course, most of that has had to stop for now. 

Having lived in Norwich since 2010, Katie has always loved the city life and the amazing customers  and community that come with. 

“I think most of my customers appreciate and value the fact that Little Pie Patisserie is very much a family business. I interact with each one of my customers through social media and have built up some great friendships along the way.

“I support and buy from other small local businesses wherever possible and really enjoy being part of a community rather than feeling like Im competing all the time. There are so many amazing bakers, caterers and indie food establishments in our city and theres plenty of room for all of us. Honestly, Im more about community rather than competition.”

Now Katie looks to the future, wanting to launch new community projects online, like their ‘Cook Club’ book club, currently with 15 members, where Katie and the other members review and test recipe books each month so that you know which books are the best for cooking at home. They also have Date Night and Valentines Day packages coming up with those treats and surprises ready to be unveiled soon… 

Don’t just take our word for it though, customer Lucie said: “You have outdone yourself Katie! The food looks incredible and I wasnt expecting the wine, flowers and candles in the box so just a lovely touch! Thanks for the little treat amongst the lockdown monotony!”

Another customer Julia also said: “Birthday boy was so impressed, especially with the cheese twists and the chocolate tiffin, and the presentation was just beautiful!”

To check out Little Pie Patisserie yourself, simply head to and give them a like and follow on social media @littlepiepatisserie

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