The Uplifted!

When can a facelift be good for you?

When it’s by the Uplifted! A Facelift at the Uplifted! is like no other. 

By using radiofrequency and intensive light therapy, The Uplifted team lifts your skin from within. Their treatments remove fat blockages beneath the skin, enabling the blood to flow freely, improving circulation at the same time. The treatments bring out and enhance your own natural collagen boosting the skin, reducing and eliminating wrinkles and disposing of stubborn fat parcels.

Having a good outlook on body positivity is definitely important to the company, Donna-Marie Wishart, from The Uplifted!, told us: “As a positive mind mentor, I have been researching wellness, health and tips and body happiness forever. This was why the Beauty Industry attracted me, as I believe when you look better on the outside, you feel better on the inside.”

The Uplifted! was set up in 2017 in Sproughton to bring High-End Treatments to everyday people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to try and enjoy the non-surgical uplift. As well as skin lift and condition, they provide teeth lightening, nail care, invigorating massages, positive mind techniques, for free (for the clients that ask), lashes, brows and all things face. And after a hard day of pampering yourself, guests can relax in the Uplifted garden where the team can serve drinks for groups.

The treatments are affordable, non-invasive, pain-free and are for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their face from first wrinkle sightings to 80 and beyond, male and female, however the more wrinkles, the better the difference.           

Donna-Marie Wishart told us: “When you arrive at The Uplifted, you are transported to a place of serenity, positivity and healing. We are bespoke, as no two faces are the same. Whatever your skin issue, we have the equipment, know-how and expertise to resolve your particular face type and leave you feeling fantastic!”

There are 90 minutes between appointments, to ensure each client has the best of their time at The Uplifted!. The team carries out pre-treatments and after treatments, which are included in the price of the lift. Lift prices range from £40 a session, with discounted rates for 5 or 10 bought together. Because of their research, they can advise on exercises and inexpensive care, to take care of your skin between appointments. 

The treatment area

The Uplifted! are the first in the area who provide facelifts and body care, while giving you time to relax, meditate and provide after-treatment tidy. The salon is based in peaceful and pretty surroundings, with door-to-door parking and no crowds.

Donna-Marie Wishart explained: “Because I am the qualified skin practitioner and it is my business, I carry out all the face and neck lifts. When we are busy, and for groups, my technician is on hand for nail care. As a boss, I am exact and precise in all care Uplifted! but education and training is key in this business and I enjoy developing my team. Our offer is unique, as your face is my reputation.”

In the future, Donna would like to build this business and, when the time is right, begin a franchise, providing all the equipment and training to bring this concept out in the world. She said: “The Uplifted! where we not only provide the best in face care but help you to feel good inside at the same time.” 

With the pandemic in mind, Donna and her team now take temperature checks of each client and full safety precautions are in place. There is a one-way system and the salon and tools are fully sanitised between appointments.

Donna’s looking forward to seeing you all at The Uplifted! stating: “My days are never better than when I am amazing people with their new uplifted faces and bodies. Bringing Hollywood care to Ipswich at affordable prices. Not just a salon, but the most person centered beauty care, you won’t find anywhere else”

To check out The Uplifted! for yourself, simply give them a like on Facebook or contact the Salon at, 01473 749000 or 07784 923606. An on-call consultation is required with Donna or her team before the first booking. 

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