Top 5 Hair Care Tips For Men

1. Pat Dry, Don’t Rub

Be gentle when you’re towel drying your hair. Rubbing your hair too hard will just cause breakage – especially bad news if your hair already isn’t quite as thick as it used to be. I wouldn’t want to bore you with the science stuff but hair tends to be weaker when wet (and hence more prone to damage).

2. Less Is More

One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to styling is using too much product. A little can go a long way and if you use products sparingly you’ll find yourself sporting a more natural look, which is very much the theme with today’s styles. Also try to avoid oil based waxes and pastes, as these are more difficult to wash out. If you do have a lot of product build up in your hair, ask your barber to recommend a good deep cleansing shampoo that will help keep your hair squeaky clean.

3. Avoid Over-Washing

A common mistake men make with dry and coarse hair is over-washing it. Washing it every
day will just make it dry and weak. If you reduce washing and use a conditioner or treatment (especially if you have longer hair), the result will be smoother, healthier looking hair.

4. Forget The Comb-Over

If you’re losing your hair, a short, cropped haircut is your best option. Keeping it shorter at the sides and longer on top is a good idea too, as the haircut keeps it shape for longer as it grows out. Keeping the sides shorter also draws attention away from the thinning areas. 

5. Go With The Flow

If you wear your hair in a side parting, it’s always best to do so on the side your crown lies, as this is where the hair will naturally want to part and will make styling a lot easier. Trust me with this, nobody wants to spend ages in front of the mirror getting ready!

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