White House Guardians

White House Guardianships (WHG) is a family-run company based in Bournemouth with subsidiary offices throughout the UK that for 25 years has been caring for international students aged 7-18 studying at schools across the UK.

We offer a range of programmes that allow students to attend a choice of schools with tailored guardianship services to give international students a chance to experience life and education in the UK. Last year, WHG was guardian to students from 44 different countries who stayed for varying lengths of time, from one week to full academic years. We are accredited by AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students).

Our Local guardians are the student’s guardian while they are in the UK, they are responsible for their welfare and safety. They recruit host families in their area and give support where needed. They organise the placement of students into host families and are the main contact for the local schools, students and host families.

Host families form a large part of the guardianship service we offer our students. A spokesperson said: ‘A big part of a student’s experience is living with a British host family’. We are constantly recruiting families who would like to host our international students to offer them a home away from home.

Hosting is a really rewarding experience and many lifelong friendships have developed between families and students. All host families are given a handbook for guidance and rates of pay in advance. The majority of our students across Suffolk are in boarding schools and require host families for exeat week ends and half terms in October, February and May.

Host families are required to complete an online application with information about their family, home and pets and photographs. This forms an electronic host family profile that can be sent to students and their parents to see before a student stays with the family.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to know more about becoming a WHG host family and welcoming our students in to your home. Please call the head office on 08458 686 688 or visit our website whitehouseguardians.co.uk.

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