Unwrapped and Refill- Zero Waste Shopping

Unwrapped and Refill is the brand new zero-waste one-stop-shop coming to Ipswich looking to save the environment and your money. 

Single mum of two teenagers Lucy Storey started her eco-friendly business after becoming frustrated when trying to source goods without plastic packaging. She found she was spending too much time, money, and energy traveling to different places to do her usual food shop. 

The 39-year-old began researching and looking into starting her own shop, which would sell dry food refills, fresh bread and cakes, refill oils, cleaning products, and frozen food to name a few of the items available. 

Lucy said: “I think people’s minds have changed during lockdown. We have had to adapt to a new way of doing things and become more aware of the pollution single-use plastic is causing to our environment. 

“The pace of peoples lives have slowed down, working from home, shopping more locally. Offering a refill service will allow people to buy only what is needed, what they can afford and also reducing food waste in the process.” 

When Unwrapped and Refill opens, Lucy hopes in the IP4 area, there will be plenty of cleaning practices to keep her customers, new and regulars, safe. The shop itself will be primarily run by Lucy but with plenty of help from kind volunteers and possibly some apprentices. 

The best part of shopping at Unwrapped and Refill is that, while you’re already saving the planet, you’ll also be helping local charities as Lucy vows to donate at least 10% of her profits to food banks, homeless people, and the period poverty campaign. 

When the shop is up and running, Lucy hopes to be able to hold workshops that will teach customers basic skills such as sewing, prepping food, and repairing items. 

Lucy said: “I think enabling the community to attend these workshops will help build life skills which I believe is a good base in going forward on how to make a better world.”

The mum of two hopes to educate people in the local area on the benefits of zero-waste shopping by reaching out to schools, local businesses and speaking to the public, in general, to continue to generate interest and educate people on how shopping at a refill store can help, not only the environment but also the economy. 

People are clearly loving the idea of this brand new business idea and approach to shopping, Becky Marley stating: “I love this idea, it’s just what Ipswich needs and I really hope it succeeds. I will definitely be shopping there as soon as it can open!”

When asked how her new business is being received, Lucy had this to say: “The support for the shop to open has been amazing so far. It has built me with confidence that the business will be a success.”

To keep up to date with Lucy and Unwrapped and Refill, be sure to follow her on social media @unwrappedrefill and visit her crowd funding page here: https://www.natwestbackherbusiness.co.uk/unwrapped-refill-zero-waste-store-in-ipswich

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