The Perfect Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios

Founded in 2006, the company was the subject of a successful management buyout in early 2019 and is now led by a senior leadership team headed up by managing director Matt Moss, sales and marketing director Sue Phillips, and operations director Paul Sheppard.

With seven unique ranges available in 64 sizes, and a whole host of optional extras and upgrades, there is a garden room, office or studio to suit every taste, garden size and budget, without the stress that extending or moving home entails.

While the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown was an initial shock for the SMART team, they quickly realised that the almost overnight shift in many businesses, from predominately face-to-face to a remote culture, wasn’t a threat, but a game-changing opportunity for the company’s long-term prospects.

All the old reasons for people not being allowed or able to work from home were suddenly null and void. Video conferencing became the norm. Working from home became the everydayreality for hundreds of thousands of businesses, of all sizes. The reductions in time and travel costs were noticeable overnight.

Rather than using the lockdown period to hunker down, the team used it as an opportunity to invest and plan for future expansion, which included:

  • Installing a new external showroom to complement our internal showroom at its Thurston headquarters.
  • Investing in new 3D software which will allow prospective purchasers to design their garden room and place it virtually into their garden via augmented reality.
  • Introducing a new CSR initiative, where for every Key Studio garden room sold, SMART will donate £100 to NHS Charities Together to support key workers.

With a full order book going into lockdown and a production facility large enough to implement safe working practices, production was soon able to get back up and running. Site consultations and installations took place in the garden anyway and showroom visits were made ‘by appointment’ only. A new self-consultation form was also introduced for those who preferred not to be visited.

Since returning, the company has been inundated with inquiries and orders and is now in even better shape to transform the lives of its customers.

With a great team to help grow the business, dedicated and skilled staff, an extensive product range which stands out from the crowd, new software, a perceptible shift in the mindset of flexible working and safe socialising, and customer testimonials (see below) the company is proud to share, the SMART team is ready, ready and able to create your perfect space solution.

“The team have done a wonderful job so far and have been genuinely lovely people. A pleasure to work with, so please do pass on my feedback”

“The room is splendid and I would just like to say that the foundations team, builders and electricians were a pleasure to have around doing the construction”.

“All of the staff of your firm have made this an excellent experience from the start to fruition for which your firm and its people deserve praise and congratulations in equal measures”

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