The Framlingham Soap Company: Handcrafted Vegan Soaps

The Framingham Soap Company started in June 2020, after owner Emma Easter was made redundant during the pandemic, and now offers handcrafted, vegan and cruelty-free soaps that take inspiration from the beautiful Suffolk countryside. 

They currently have 12 different types of soaps that they produce by cold process and each soap is hand wrapped, making it the perfect gift for that special someone. 

Owner Emma said: “After working in the motor trade for 26 years, I decided I’d like to start my own business in Suffolk so that I was able to both do a job I truly enjoyed whilst having a career that could be worked around my family life.  I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far and have plans for expansion going forward.” 

On top of the amazing soaps that they offer (there’s a very special Valentine’s Day soap aptly named ‘Honey Bee Mine’ on their website now!) they also have gift sets and soap accessories available, including a cotton tote bag, a Sisal soap bag and exfoliator, and a Bamboo & Cotton face cloth all at a very affordable price. 

They’re also planning to have some new products available by summer, including a new solid shampoo and conditioners bars, which have become very popular recently, and Emma is hoping to be able to offer even more eco products on the website soon. 

“I really love making soap. I find it a very satisfying procedure and I enjoy the fact that I can make all the decisions in the business! Obviously it also brings its stresses but it’s worth it,” says Emma. 

The Framingham Soap company offer every soap scent you could need, from ‘Minty Fresh WakeUp’ to ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘Dreamy Lavender’, whilst also offering more fun and colourful options for their younger customers like the ‘Over the Rainbow’ soap. You can also find their olive oil soap collection on their website, featuring soaps like ‘Olive Oil & Rosemary’, ‘Olive Oil, Peppermint & Tea Tree’ and simply ‘Just Olive Oil’ 

If you want to buy handmade soap that uses nourishing ingredients, gorgeous essential oils and scents whilst using recyclable packaging, then head to The Framingham Soap Company’s website here and follow them on Facebook and Instagram under @theframlinghamsoapcompany 

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