The easing of lockdown and the opportunity to appraise

Covid-19 has made a difference to most people’s lives and returning to the ‘new normal’ may be difficult for some as we try to adjust to life after lockdown.

Whilst we adapt, considering our psychological wellbeing should be paramount. This is a great life opportunity to appraise and make positive adjustments to our lifestyles.

Shane Lutkin, Emotionalskills

You might want to consider doing some of the following:

  • Reassessing and improving relationships
  • Easing anxiety 
  • Dealing with depression 
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Reducing irritation and anger 
  • Tackling stress 
  • Striving to better yourself through self-development 

Wherever you are and whatever your emotional issues you can access help. 

At Emotionalskills they are offering online therapy nationwide using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime to help those who are struggling with low mood, worry, anger, irritability, low esteem, and relationship issues.

Talking to a professional listener, a therapist, and receiving counselling or coaching can really help people feel reassured and less despondent, less uncertain, less stressed and anxious, and move towards a better place psychologically.

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