Oliviam: Handmade, Natural Soaps and Bath Salts

Here at Vanilla, we’re all about feeling good and what better way to indulge yourself than to treat your skin to an amazing new soap brand that is guaranteed to make the ‘quick dip’ in the bath worthwhile and luxurious.

Oliviam is the new Ipswich-based business offering handmade, natural, cruelty and palm oil free soap, bath salts and gift sets in a wide range of scents, from Rosemary and Thyme to Lavender and Lemongrass. 

Donna started Oliviam during the pandemic, wanting to create a business that she could run from home after struggling to do her previous job remotely. 

Donna said: “The ethos of the business came from a growing awareness of what is actually going into the products we use daily in our homes and the packaging the products come in. I wanted to create a skin-kind and Earth-kind product that contained lots of nourishing, natural ingredients and soap bars are where I landed.”  

There are a wide range of delicious smelling gift boxes, their special Mother’s Day set creating the perfect treat with two soap bars, a package of lavender, sweet orange & thyme bath salts, a natural fibre exfoliating soap pouch and a wooden slatted soap dish. 

To add a little something special for the mother figure in your life, the Mothers Day greeting card has been exclusively designed for Oliviam by Fig and Joy and the whole box comes gift wrapped beautifully. 

Already looking to the future of Oliviam, Donna is planning to add some more amazing products to her range, whilst still sticking with all-natural ingredients, and is hoping to have Oliviam in a few local salons and deli’s which, in Donna’s words, is very exciting! 

Donna said: “Buying local and from small independent businesses is so important and I think that is something positive I have seen throughout this pandemic, people are supporting smaller businesses and becoming more conscientious of where things come from, whose producing them and what goes into them.”

For now, Donna is simply loving the amazing feedback she’s getting from customers and wants to continue doing the job she loves so much.  

Donna explained: “I get to make something with my hands and let my creativity flow. So far, my soaps have been met with very positive feedback which is so rewarding and exciting as when you create something you always have that little apprehension that no one will buy your product!”  

Oliviam is now offering a Click & Collect and a mailing service so you can get your soaps and bath salts safely and hassle-free. 

To order your very own soap and bath salts, simply head to Oliviam’s online store here (www.oliviam.online) and to keep up-to-date with everything Oliviam gets up to simply give them a like and follow on Instagram and Facebook @oliviam_handcrafted

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