Norfolk Gin: From the Kitchen to Sold Out Bottles.

Founded in 2014, husband and wife team Alison and Jonathan started Norfolk Gin in their kitchen with just £400, following Jonathan’s unfortunate redundancy.

After selling out their amazing gin time and time again at a wine merchant’s, they decided that the kitchen may be just a little too small for their big dreams. The pair now make 10,000  bottles a year in the three sheds wrapped around their home!

Jonathan worked almost singlehanded until June 2018 when his wife Alison was able to join in full time. Two pairs of hands are needed as the gin studio in Norwich produced 10,000 bottles in 2017, each filled, sealed and labelled by hand.

Jonathan and his wife Alison

The pair’s philosophy is that you should only need one good gin, surround that with cordials, vermouth, liquors and good quality mixers, some sparkle and flavoursome garnishes and you can make hundreds of great drinks and cocktails. They believe that Norfolk Gin is that and more!

Norfolk Gin is a fragrant, well-balanced small-batch gin and is a “Ginny” gin. It’s taste is Juniper-led with herbaceous and floral notes, with a touch of spice, a hint of sweetness and fragrant citrus. Norfolk Gin is vibrant, delicious and easy-drinking and plays well in all cocktails. 

Presented in beautifully designed British porcelain bottles, handmade by Wade Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent and when the gin is gone the bottle can be re-used or re-filled locally. They’re just too beautiful to throw away!

You can buy yours today from To see what else the pair get up to in the future, give them a like on Facebook under @NorfolkGin and a follow on Instagram under @norfolk_gin

Large bottles (70cl) £44.99 Miniature decanters (10cl)  £17.99 (including postage)

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