Nido: Suffolk Gifts With A Polish Passion

Nido, meaning nest or home in Spanish, is a shop that creates handcrafted gifts in Suffolk with a Polish passion. 

Beata Grzella, the owner of Nido, has lived in four different countries but has always tried to create a space she could call home by surrounding herself with beautiful objects she would make or paint on her travels. 

Beata has always been inspired by young people that she works with, mostly asylum seekers and refugees, that are in the process of building their new life here in Suffolk. 

After years of gifting her creations to family and friends and starting a popular soap-making project for herself, Beata decided it was time to set up her own company in lockdown to help people find their ‘nest’ no matter what they’re skin colour or language is. 

“I always use very good quality products and ingredients. All my products are handcrafted with love for art lovers and for those who appreciate art, craft and detailed touches. Most of my products could be customised.” Beata said. 

Nido now makes everything from bookmarks and coasters to soaps and gift sets. In fact, their handmade coasters could make the perfect home-made gifts for Mother’s Day, with their Mother’s Day creations already available. 

In the future, Beata would like to expand her projects to incorporate more wood, leather and epoxy resin along with her soap rage. She’d also like for Nido to collaborate with wedding planners and would love to be able to make bespoke gifts. 

One customer said: “Lovely soaps, great variety with tonnes of unique scents. I have tried a number of Nido soaps now and would really recommend – great gift idea!”

Another said: “Fantastic products made with great love and care. This was a gift for my birthday. The scents were lovely and the soaps felt luxurious when used. 10/10 these make fantastic gifts.”

Beata said: “I love being creative and making things. What I also love is making people happy with art and beauty. Fill your Nido with natural handmade gifts.” 

To check out Nido for yourself, be sure to head to their Facebook page @nidohandmadewithlove and give them a follow on Instagram @nido_handmade_with_love. To order in your own gift, be sure to give Beata an email at  or message her via Nico Facebook page. 

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