Missing Too Many Calls? Meet The Business Offering Support

Starting up in March, just as lockdown began, may not have been perfect timing for some, but for Sharna Pratchett, of eDivert Ipswich, it meant she was perfectly placed to help businesses that had to move quickly to remote working. eDivert offer telephone answering and live web
chat management as well as outbound calling, telemarketing projects, email marketing and virtual PA services.

So just as businesses switched from face-to-face to online and telephone, eDivert was there to help Clients come from a broad spectrum of businesses throughout East Anglia. Some customers, particularly those using the live chat and telemarketing options, are on long-term contracts while others work with eDivert on a project by project basis.

“Our ultimate objective is to enable our customers to provide a great service while continuing to expand their customer base,” explains Sharna Pratchett. “Simply answering calls promptly and professionally can have a huge impact on how a business is perceived but it’s often a challenge for small companies. We ensure every call is answered and actioned, which takes away a great deal of stress for our customers.”

Sharna Pratchett

“We were already set up for remote working when lockdown happened so the way we operate wasn’t impacted,” says Sharna. “For others, remote
working became the new normal almost overnight and it’s a lot to adjust to if you have always had office-based staff. This is when our telephone
answering service works so well. No one wants their personal phone number given out. With call answering we can act as a switchboard and divert calls to the right people, we can take messages and email call-backs. In fact, these are just a few things we can help with.

“It was a difficult time for some customers but having us to take calls and respond to initial inquiries meant they could focus on other aspects of their business.”

“We’ve had so many inquiries in the last month,” says Sharna. “We are needed now more than ever. We believe live chat will see massive growth over the next few years. Everyone wants instant information, we don’t have the patience to fill in an inquiry form or sit in a hold queue on the phone, more and more people prefer to use live chat to contact a business.”

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