Mind Fitness: Improving. Belonging. Helping.

Mind Fitness is a sports and leisurewear clothing company, based in East Anglia, which promotes mental health awareness and the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Mind Fitness sell everything a fitness-lover needs, whether you’re just starting off or a fitness guru. They have branded beanies, hoodies, t-shirts and caps all available on their online shop.

Rhys Tinson, co-owner of Mind Fitness with brother Ryan, explained: “As sufferers of mental health ourselves, we have always found that exercise is a great relief and improves our outlook and wellbeing. We, therefore, wanted to design a brand that could encompass the benefits that fitness can have on our mental balance. We also wanted to provide a platform to encourage people to talk about mental health. We hope that someone for example in a gym, might feel confident to approach and speak to someone they recognise wearing our clothing to create an openness on the subject of mental health. A problem shared is a problem halved.”

Co-owners Rhys (right) and Ryan (left)

Mind Fitness have predominantly established itself online, given the Government lockdowns and challenges faced by Covid. Their intention, though, is to make the products more widely available at gyms and sporting arenas. 

The best part is that you not only get the cosiest gear to work-out in but a proportion of their profits will also be going to mental health charities each year.

Rhys said: “As sufferers from mental health issues over the past decade, we have a good insight into how other people might be feeling, and the day-to-day challenges suffers face. Although our brand is for developing better physical and mental health, our primary intention has always been to provide a platform that encourages better communication and to give back to the mental health charities that are doing a sterling job with the increasing numbers of people that are suffering.”

Over the next 12 months, Rhys and his co-owner and brother would like to continue raising their profile by collaborating with other mental health groups and building some constructive networks with local gyms and sports groups. They will also be looking to expand their catalogue and begin to incorporate different sporting clothing and equipment into their brand.

With the state of the world at the minute, it’s important to make sure that you keep yourself fit, active and mentally clear. What better way to take up jogging, or weights or even jump rope than with a fresh new wardrobe.

Rhys explained: “Like everyone, 2020 has been a very difficult year with the pandemic affecting people across the world. However mental health was already increasing and becoming a wider problem before this. Whilst a vaccine appears to be on the horizon, we believe there is now an emerging need for additional support for the mental health community.

“We hope that Mind Fitness will go some way towards raising awareness for the purpose of communication and to bring more people together for discussion around this important topic. Since starting the business, we have received an overwhelming amount of support and positive emails from customers regarding what we are trying to achieve and if they are able to help.”

Why not read those positive emails for yourself, Sarah from Liverpool said: ” I recently purchased a black hoodie with the Mind Fitness logo on and I am very pleased with my purchase. The quality is outstanding and the prices are great too.  The reason for the purchase was to support the great cause that they are achieving by raising awareness for mental health as well as helping mental health charities. I think the concept of exercising to help improve your physical as well as mental health is very important for everyone.”

To grab your own fitness gear and donate to a good cause, be sure to head over to the Mind Fitness website here and give them a like and a follow on facebook and instagram @MindFitnessClothing


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