Meet: Suffolk Wine Van

The Wine Van Ltd was the original brainchild of Norfolk wine enthusiast John Williams, and was started in 2017. The aim of the business to supply good quality wines direct to customers door to door.

Due to the current situation it seemed that moving this to home delivery within East Suffolk and eventually beyond would be of benefit to the consumer. The customer selects from a range of exceptional quality wines within the brochure; call or email their order direct to Gayle and delivery is made within the same week.

The Wine Van Ltd have carefully selected a range of wines from the best wine growing regions of the world to suit all tastes. As well as offering a comprehensive list of fine wine and beer, there are over 60 Vegan and Vegetarian certified options and a selection Organic wines to choose from.

This August, Gayle Thompson launched the Suffolk arm of the business and is hoping will appeal to all Suffolk wine drinkers! She has just placed an advertisement within InTouch Woodbridge (and beyond) also collaborating with farm shop veg box schemes, holiday homes / rentals and local firms so they can offer ‘gift box’ options for either their staff or customers.

The business in Norfolk has mainly been built from word mouth recommendations, but Gayle is hoping to reach a wider new audience in Suffolk by promoting the business online, through social media platforms as well as print.

“We are offering something of value in a unique way, and are focusing on working smartly by networking with local businesses. I have tasted some of the most popular wines listed and can honestly say I have not had anything but a fantastic quality glass of wine”. / @Suffolk_wine_van /

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