Meet: Keeping It Rosie

We recently caught up with Rosie Doney from Keeping It Rosie. She is 17, and has recently set up her own jewellery business. She started the business while at home and struggling with her anxiety during lockdown. She struggled to get a job, especially with this current climate, so decided to give it a go and launch her own business. She is currently studying at college, but in her spare time makes beautiful resin jewellery, and candles.

Rosie Doney

Let’s start with a brief introduction. Tell us about you and your business, why and when it was started, where are you’re based and what products or services you provide

My name is Rosie and I am 17 years old. I currently live in Stowmarket, Suffolk and I am studying forensics and criminology in college. During lockdown I was really struggling with my anxiety and finding things to do whilst at home. I had also secured a job back in March that I was really looking forward to but due to the coronavirus outbreak, the job fell through. I had an idea to make my own jewellery from some ideas and inspiration I had found online and decided with the help of family to take the jump and try making some. I practised lots during lockdown and then began to start selling to friends and family. It started getting a lot busier and I was getting more and more orders. I then decided to expand from jewellery and I now make candles and wax melts too. I am also just launching an aromatherapy range. My jewellery is made from resin which I mix and make myself at home in the kitchen, I make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I’ve found that by having an outlet that is so different from my college work, I feel a lot more positive and it has really helped reduce my anxieties.

How do people find out about you and buy your jewellery?

I sell my jewellery and candles on Esty: @keepingitrosiegifts, and people can find me on Instagram: @keepingitrosiegifts, and Facebook: @keepingitrosie.

As a new business how are you going to attract new customers?

I am currently promoting my business mainly through Instagram and Facebook. My family and friends have been incredibly supportive and are constantly sharing my pages which helps a lot. My aim is also to do some Christmas and craft and hopefully selling some of my items in local shops. I am also planning to do various promotions on social media pages along with several Christmas themed giveaways leading up to December.

The pandemic has impacted on everyone; how do you see your business changing as we return to normal?

I feel my business will continue to grow, as it is an online based shop – my products are fun and reasonably priced so affordable for everyone. I have also created a new aromatherapy candle range which is especially important to me because of my anxiety, I find it amazing how just one candle can completely change your mood from something quite low and stressed to quite positive and relaxed.

Finally, what gives you confidence for the future of your business?

I love my business and working for myself – it has boosted my confidence and I love promoting my business to everyone. I have joined various business groups on social media and my skill set has developed, I am also learning marketing skills and customer services too all from having my own business. I have a great support network around me to help guide me and my business so I hope it will continue to develop and grow in the future.

Here’s a look at some of the products:

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