Meet: GWB Decorating

GWB decorating is a new company looking to paint your walls, repair any cracks and add a fresh coat of gloss to satisfy all your home decorating needs.

Hayley and Anna decided to crack open the paint tins on their new business after they were both furloughed from a bar they worked at.

33-year-old Hayley said: “I joked one day and said we should start a decorating company! We did a silly ad on Gumtree one day and two days later had a message to redo a bungalow and the dream began.”

Although the lockdown has, sadly, affected many companies; for Anna and Hayley it gave them the boost they needed to start their own business and pursue their dreams.

Hayley and Anna

“Lockdown was what gave us the strength and determination to start the business. We were both terrified of returning to pub life so giving this a go was our only hope and chance at keeping our family safe.”

The Ipswich born duo wanted to leave their mark (thankfully not on the carpet!) on what most would consider to be a male-dominated industry.

They aim to be their most authentic selves in their business, so don’t bat an eye if they both turn up in false eyelashes and best clothes.

When Hayley was asked what she believes gives her company edge she said this: “I think the edge is simply that we are women doing a mans job. People seem to feel comfortable with the fact we are women, we’ve even had people leave their kids with us whilst they’ve nipped to the shops and it works for us because we want our customers to feel as comfortable as can be.”

No task is too small for the decorating duo, in fact the bigger the job, the more excited they get.

Their favourite style is french chic paint and the pair are enjoying being their own bosses, appreciating every moment they get to work.

“We both love a transformation. You know those ones when you turn up and it’s a complete wreck but days go on and the bigger picture appears and suddenly you are getting somewhere and it look amazing,” Hayley says.

GWB decorations has already had a bunch of positive feedback, only a four months into their business.

Robert Findlay, a customer of GWB decorations, had this to say about Hayley and Anna: “GWB have redecorated our six bedroom house. Hayley and Amy have returned it to a lovely home for us to live in. It was a joy to work with them and we thoroughly recommend them.”

Jean Bridle also said: “Hayley and Amy have transformed it to a modern teenagers bedroom and she absolutely loves it. They also did an amazing job of painting and wallpapering our lounge. They were great and we have no hesitation in recommending them.”

To keep up to date with Hayley and Anna’s work at GWB Decorations, be sure to check out their Facebook page ‘GWB decorating cleaning services’ or email them at

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