Maria Callisto: Lingerie For Life

Maria Callisto is a handmade luxury lingerie brand that wants to bring back kindness into the fashion industry by being inclusive, sustainable and charitable with every purchase. 

The Ipswich lingerie brand is fairly new, having only started in late 2019, but owner Maria has always wanted to start up her own brand in the town where she most feels at home. 

Maria Callisto had three core values when setting up her company. The first was sentiment, every piece of lingerie has a story and advocates for issues that resonate with Maria. For example, the Trinity underwear opens a conversation about period care and her LEMON summer collection donates 20% of all sales to the Suffolk Refugee Support. 

From Maria’s Lemon Collection

Her second value was inclusivity, Maria wanted to make sure that everyone could be involved with her brand by making her sets made to order and operating without the restrictions of the standard UK size chart. The sets aim to compliment every body, skin tone and woman. 

Lastly, she wanted to make sure that she was conscious of environmental issues, making sure all her fabrics are recycled and that her packing is eco-friendly. 

Right now, Maria is celebrating the release of her ‘Sweetheart Set’ which launched back in February in time for Valentine’s Day, Maria said: “The purpose of this is to slowly learn and get to know our lingerie and our core values of sustainability, inclusivity and storytelling. We aim to win you over and make you fall in love with us by the end of our love journal! The next launch will leave you with butterflies in your stomach… look forward to it!”

For those tying the knot this year, Maria Callisto offers a Honeymoon package which uses offcut from your wedding dressing during alterations to make a unique lingerie set to wear on your honeymoon. Maria also uses old wedding dress that clients provide to give new life to in the form of lingerie, to learn more about this service, send Maria an email

Maria said: “I love creating stories and fantasy with each of my lingerie. I am very involved in the design process so I am able to make decisions that reflect my lifestyle and personality. Another aspect I love about my job is seeing customers feeling and looking good in my lingerie – that always makes my day!”

To order your own set, simply check out Maria Callisto’s website ( and to keep up-to-date with her new releases, be sure to give her a like and follow on Facebook and Instagram under @MariaCallistos

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