Kin Boards: Bespoke Chopping Boards

Kin Boards, based in Rendlesham, makes bespoke chopping, cutting and serving boards all from locally sourced timber. 

The company started when owner, Zak Hayward-Reeve, experienced a decrease in his carpentry work during the pandemic. Having made a few boards before prior to the pandemic, he decided that this was the ‘kick start’ he needed to start his own company. 

Since Kin Boards establishment in May 2020, Zak has gone on to offer more than just boards, now offering magnetic wooden knife racks and free standing knife blocks. 

A lot of my boards are made with a live edge left intact as this is quite sought after these days and there doesn’t seem to be many companies offering this, so we’re very proud to be able to do that. I love making the boards as natural as possible, so I use different grains in the wood to determine the shape of them, it all comes together like a puzzle- it’s really satisfying work,” says Zak. 

Kin Boards can also add that extra bit of personalisation to the boards if you’re a business or shop, offering laser personalisation or branding too so that you can show off your brand with the highest quality boards.

Having spent around ten years in the carpentry industry, Zak has truly developed a passion for detail which adds a little something to each board. 

“An eye for detail is very important in the finishing process,” Zak explains, “I ensure that every board is sanded perfectly before the sealing process even starts. Each board sits for at least 10 days while the oil cures before being packed for shipping, we always wear protective gloves and use sanitiser consistently so you can be sure you’re staying safe with us.” 

With the help of his wife, who has been in the knife industry since her school years, Zak wants to take Kin Boards even further, potentially building a new workshop with the aim to be able to invite everyone to try out his company, whether you’re in the food industry or not. 

He’s even looking to share some exciting collaborations in 2021… though we won’t be spilling any of his secrets here! 

“It gives me so much satisfaction creating what will become a real focal point in someone’s kitchen and home,” Zak says, “In my previous work, I would never have had the chance to use some of the beautiful timber i’ve been using, i’m very lucky to be able to do this every day, I love it!” 

To check out Zak’s work for yourself, why not check out Kin Boards on their website here (insert link) and give them a like and follow on Facebook and Instagram under @Kin_boards. 

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