Kett’s Oak Therapies: Time For You Is Important

We’ve all had a rough year and, now more than ever, we need to take this time to focus on ourselves, relaxation and on getting back to a state of calm and serenity. Kett’s Oak Therapies is here to help, with a friendly smile and a unique approach to feeling a little bit more like yourself again.

Kett’s Oak Therapies, based in Needham Market, provides a wide range of holistic-based therapies, including Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy and Swedish massage, all of which can help you find your focus and peace- sounds like a dream, right?

Well it certainly was for owner Julie Kett who, after 30 years of working in administration in a variety of roles and leaving her job with Beckett’s in Bury St Edmunds, decided to take the plunge and pursue her goal of owning her very own warm and inviting practice that aims to help you unwind and lighten any burdens you may be carrying. 

You can take a deep, calming breath knowing that Julie is fully qualified with a deep well of knowledge from her Diploma in Complementary Therapies, her Reiki II qualification and ITEC Crystal Healing Diploma.

Julie told us, “I have worked in the private, public and charity sectors and have seen over the years, both on a personal level and with family , friends and work colleague’s, how people’s stresses and strains in their lives, whether it be home or work-related, can be eased by taking “time out”. 

“Personally I have always used complementary therapies to give myself down time, hence I knew the benefits that a good complementary therapist can give people. “ 

On top of a wide range of treatments, Kett’s Oak Therapies also offers spiritual readings, which Julie believes can be of comfort and can provide an uplifting experience, especially for those going through challenging times.

Kett’s Oak Therapies treats every client as an individual, providing tailored treatments to suit their needs, which is gleaned by having a consultation prior to their treatment, thus ensuring Julie is aware of any medical issues and medication taken which can have an effect on which essential oils, for example, can or cannot be used.  

Julie believes that complementary therapies can offer benefits to a wide range of ages and she has given treatments to both the young and old!

She also belongs to an Association that is the world’s leading membership body for elite, complimentary medical professionals: the Complementary Medical Association. 

Julie explained, “In these challenging times, many people are turning to the complementary field for their mental health and it is important that potential clients have the security and confidence to know that the complementary therapist they are looking to use is associated with an Association that demonstrates a commitment to excellence and professionalism. In a currently unregulated field, I feel it is important for me also to be affiliated to such a pioneering organisation.” 

Kett’s Oak Therapies is also taking your safety very seriously so that you don’t have to worry or stress during a time where resting and breathing easing is important, with the treatment room and couch being deep cleaned and wiped down before and after every treatment. The room is also ventilated, time between treatments is two hours, and all surfaces prior to entering therapy room and toilet facilities available are sanitised before and after every treatment. Risk assessments are made and your temperature is taken on arrival and Julie also does regular Covid 19 Self Test (Rapid Antigen Test)- which is a huge weight off your shoulders!

If you’re looking to relax and take some time to yourself, Julie promises to help you achieve this professionally and at an affordable price. 

“I do love what I do and with any treatment, you receive from Kett’s Oak Therapies you will “float away on a cloud of relaxation”. For me, it’s great when a client falls asleep and I know they are relaxed, peaceful and happy. Many clients say oh “I feel strange”.  My answer is invariably, well you never know it could be that are you “feeling relaxed” and I also say it is not “selfish” to look after yourself because by looking after yourself you can do the things that you do.  My mantra for myself and my clients is “time for you is important”.”

To find out more about Kett’s Oak Therapies and what treatments Julie can offer you, simply head to the website or give Julie a phone call on 07368934932. You’ll find her treatment room at 5 Gilbert Close, Needham Market, IP6 8XQ

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