James Taylor: Mobile Bike Repairs and Maintenance

During lockdown, we’ve all tried to keep fit and active, especially now that we have a bit more time. For some, cycling has been that new fitness method, and for others they have still been trying to continue their regular riding, meaning that you might need a repair, maintenance, or someone to help you put together your brand-new bike. 

James Taylor is a mobile bike mechanic based in Manningtree who set up his new business during the pandemic. He’s able to visit client’s homes to fix, repair or build their bikes along with providing friendly advice and information on all things bike related. 

He can also build your bike, whether it’s with new or old parts and works within a 25 mile radius of Manningtree. 

James has worked with bikes and cars for what seems like a lifetime and building and repairing bikes seemed like the next natural progression for his career, in James’ opinion. 

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Since lockdown, James has seen an increase in the amount of people cycling who will, therefore, need repairs and maintenance and he is more than happy to lend a hand or, in this case, a spanner. 

James said: “I love mechanics and am an engineer at heart. But what makes me most happy is helping others and I feel really good about keeping people on the road safely with their bikes and being the person they prefer to ask to help with their bike maintenance.”

He has a wide and extensive knowledge of mechanics, particularly in bikes, so you know your bike is in safe hands. He also works efficiently and quickly and, if he doesn’t know how to fix something, James will always investigate what to do to help you in the best way possible. 

James offers a safe and clean service, making sure all your items are sprayed with an antibacterial spray and that he wears gloves and a mask at all times, so that you can stay safe while using his service. 

So if you need a bike repair or want to keep James’ contact details in your back pocket just in case then check out his Facebook page here, email him at manningtreecyclerepairs@hotmail.com or phone him on 07798834149.

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