Ipswich Prep School: Lockdown Learning

How has online school worked for your family – have you discovered any unexpected upsides to having the children at home? Teachers at Ipswich Prep have noticed that pupils’ digital literacy and problem solving skills have developed over the lockdown.

Ipswich Prep School has been running live online lessons for pupils throughout the lockdown with teachers adapting and finding creative solutions to not being in school. The lessons are available to all on YouTube, and cover both well-being and learning for children from Reception upwards.

Ipswich Prep teachers share their ideas for making the most of the time at home in these short videos. They point out the benefit of including children in the family chores which can help them to develop their wider life skills.

Routine is seen as the most important factor. It’s not so much that there is any one ideal routine, more that children feel more secure with a predictable pattern and this can help young children to focus on their learning and navigate the change to lessons at home. There’s more advice around taking it one day at a time, creating learning times and not worrying if things don’t go to plan – take a look on Ipswich School’s YouTube channel.

To find out more about the school, you can register for the virtual open morning on Saturday 24 April 2021. Visit ipswich.school/prep for more information, and you can find the lockdown learning videos on their YouTube page.

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