Introducing: Miami Fox Apparel

Miami Fox Apparel is a new clothing brand based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. The idea of the brand came to Ann-Marie Doggett around 4 months ago after her marketing business really suffered due to Covid-19.

Miami Fox Apparel’s founder, Anne-Marie Doggett

“I have always wanted to bring out a clothing line, and the time just felt right. I had more time to focus and really promote the brand. The name Miami Fox comes from my love of 80’s music, American classic cars and Florida. My husband came onboard after he saw the potential and so we have worked together on creating an exciting, head-turning brand that we hope people will want to be a part of. We are officially launching the brand on 18th October starting with 3 T-shirt designs, and then eventually evolving to merchandise, hoodies, children’s clothing and Gym wear.

“I grew up near Beccles, so Lowestoft was the next, ‘big’ town where I spent a lot of my younger years. I moved to Norwich in my early 20’s and stayed there for around 7 years. I then met my husband and we moved back this way and have been here ever since. It is a much slower pace of life by the sea. I’m naturally drawn to it, and I never take for granted how lucky I am to live here.”

Everything about Miami Fox Apparel comes from Anne-Marie’s obsession with the 80’s and with Florida. The Neon colours in the logo instantly make you think of the 80’s which naturally brings a nostalgic smile to people, as does the thought of Miami and palm trees, especially when it’s wet and cold outside! The brand is also very conscious about being Eco-friendly, the Tee’s are 100% Organic cotton, as will be the Caps, the packing is recyclable and even the print work is the most Eco-friendly way of printing.

So what does Anne-Marie love most about her job?

“The fact I can use my creativity. With previous job roles, I almost felt trapped, doing the same thing every single day, I am too creative and excitable for office jobs. I have too many ideas and feel I want to make my mark in the world. I have always wanted to improve situations and places, it’s almost like I want to leave a little bit of sparkle wherever I go and whatever I do! Ha! ha!”

We asked Anne-Marie how the pandemic impacted her business and how did she adapt to survive?

“It has been incredibly hard for my business. I am completely different to a lot of businesses around here as I offer more than one service. I help local businesses with promotions and marketing. I also run events in the area to encourage tourism , however, since lockdown began I instantly lost all of my events clients and as my business had only started in 2018 I wasn’t entitled to the Self Employed Grant scheme. Financially it has been a struggle, however, I’m an entrepreneur and I’m never one to be held down, there’s always a solution to every problem!”

“I love the fact that this project is new, it’s exciting, and I am doing it alongside my husband. Between us we both have strengths to complement each other. We are so positive about this brand that we just know it will work, you simply cannot think any other way. We also love the fact that what we are creating is almost like a ‘club’ for anyone of any age….The Fox Family is what we like to call it!”

And what other Lowestoft ‘hidden gems’ can Anne-Marie recommend?

“Oh there are so many around me! The historic High Street is full of amazing independent businesses and it has so much potential. There are coffee shops, salons, tattoo parlours, restaurants… just so many gems!”

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