Introducing… Curve Designs

There’s no denying Covid-19 has proved difficult and challenging for all, but for 41 year old Emma Howells, it’s given her a positive step she didn’t realise she needed, by setting up her own crafting business, Curve Designs.

As with many of us, Emma didn’t go into the field she trained in – despite dedicating school, sixth form and college to studying that field. At least she didn’t until now! A series of events led her into taking the plunge to set-up Curve Designs as a business, rather than a hobby.

In 2016, her 24 year old sister died suddenly, and Emma spent 4 days by her side before the machines were turned off. After that, she struggled with panic attacks and anxiety; but by doing art, designs and crafts she found a way to distract herself to get through the horrendous grief. She found that by focusing on something completely different, it helped her massively to get through the hardship. She made gifts for friends and family and totally loved it.

Since then she dabbled in some small projects, but during lockdown she and her other half were unable to work, and this gave Emma the opportunity to think about what she wanted to do next. She explained “My husband Alex, who I have been with since school, encouraged me to start Curve Designs properly as a business. His belief and encouragement was enough to spur me on. We extended the work space in our garden office, bought the equipment I needed to get started and on the 18th August, and Curve Designs was launched”.

At the moment, she is making personalised items including box frame pictures, 3D wall art, vinyl art, cake toppers, and much more. Her website name has been secured,, though it currently still being set-up, and her Facebook is which has some more images of her work. Here are a few:

Please note: The last image is a collaboration with Kirsty’s Creative Cakes ( as she made the cake, while Emma created the topper. Emma says “It has been fantastic to be able to collaborate with another local Ipswich based business woman”.

While Covid-19 has been horrendous for many, Emma expresses if it wasn’t for this time, she would never have slowed down enough to spend more time with her family, and think about what she really wanted to do career wise. She added “At 41, I honestly thought I was too old to start a new venture, but I was wrong!” – And we have to agree. It’s never too late to chase a dream, and it’s great to be able to share this positive story from these troubling times, thanks to Emma.

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