Introducing… Bagel or Beigel

Here at Vanilla Magazine, we love to get to know our local businesses and in the latest instalment we spoke to Avi Kniznik of the newly launched Bagel or Beigel.

After launching in June 2020, Suffolk-based family-run bagel business Bagel or Beigel has discovered the recipe to success and thrived in spite of pandemic uncertainty. Owner, Avi Kniznik, and his daughter Poppy, bake and deliver traditional-recipe bagels in a range of flavours, including a full selection of vegan options.

Before launching the business, Avi had found that his work had ground to a halt and like many business owners, was struggling to forecast stability over the next year. Drawing on his past experience of working in bakeries in his native Canada as a teenager, as well as having owned a bustling cafe in Ipswich, Avi saw a gap in the market for traditionally-made bagels and set about creating a menu.

Each bagel is unique, which is a counter to the highly uniform, plastic-wrapped bagels found on supermarket shelves. The current menu comprises: Plain, Cheese and Tomato, Canadian Maple Bacon, Wholemeal Everything, Olive and Rosemary with Himalayan Pink Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, Jalapeno and Cheese, and Chocolate Chip. Each of these flavours are available in a vegan version too, with vegan cheese and bacon used as tasty substitutes.

The bagels are available in packs of 13, or in smaller ‘Picnic Boxes’ or four or eight. The picnic boxes include a delectable, complementary pairing of cold salt beef, homemade pickles, and homemade horseradish mustard. Also available are Pizza Bites – bagels topped with homemade sauce, homemade salt beef or vegan bacon, and strong mature cheddar cheese or vegan cheese.

Avi hand delivers freshly made bagels to Suffolk-based customers with the help of his nine-year-old daughter, Poppy. Orders are also open to customers based outside Suffolk, with a courier service delivering carefully packaged half-baked bagels for customers to finish off in the oven, or freeze for later.

The business is unique in itself because while the lockdown and pandemic has impacted many businesses, they have opened in amidst Covid-19 and Avi claims they “haven’t stopped working – crazy!” but reassures us all the safety measures are in place.

With an ideal target customer of ages 20+, we asked what they believe gives their business an edge over your competitors. Avi exclaimed “No one else doing what I am doing!” and they have also gathered a few customer testimonials too, as detailed below.

“I ordered some bagels to be delivered and was not disappointed! They were delivered on the said date and were well-packaged and tasted absolutely delicious! They came with cooking instructions which was helpful, the only problem was deciding which ones to eat first. I have ordered a second batch with pickles this time and I honestly can’t wait for more. They are nothing like any other bagels I’ve tasted, so delicious and moreish! Definitely would recommend to everyone!” – Natalie Wood

“The first time we had a Picnic box we did not know what to expect. We were delighted. The bagels were nothing like any we have tasted before and were very filling. The salt beef was very tender and together with the delicious pickles it made a tasty lunch. There was also some left over for later! We have placed further orders and enjoy all varieties of bagels. Thank you Bagel or Beigel!” – Elizabeth Ince

“The aroma, the taste, superb. Memories of great nosh in 50’s East End. Mazel Tov!” – Terence Abraham

Clearly, it is going well. All that was left was to ask was what gives you confidence for the future of your business? Avi replied simply with “Being creative”. It’s true that a little creativity can go a long way. Good luck to Bagel or Beigel!

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