Helen Wyer: The Misconceptions Of Hypnotherapy

It’s normal, with everything going on right now, to feel a little bit more anxious than usual and it’s not unusual to try and seek help for this. 

Helen Wyer, an anxiety and trauma specialist, is aiming to help you escape those pesky negative thoughts and emotions with hypnosis- one of the most powerful and effective tools we have to overcome personal, emotional, and psychological issues. 

Anxiety and trauma isn’t the only thing Helen can help you with, she also assists with other fears and phobias, from public speaking to exam or work stress, and can give you relief from addiction, weight control and can help you give up smoking, which would be the perfect new year’s goal! 

Helen has always been passionate about helping people and making a difference. Her integrative approach to therapy utilizes techniques from CBT, coaching, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) together with hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goals and dreams, promising to always bring her warmth and caring personality to each appointment and session. 

Of course, since the pandemic began, Helen has been seeing an incline in the number of clients she has and Helen wants people to know that it’s okay to seek help during this time. 

“Ive seen a dramatic rise at the clinic, in the number of people suffering with anxiety or anxiety related issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, sleep issues and extreme fears and phobias. It has affected all ages from teenagers through to eighty-somethings as anxiety has no respect for age. Its good to see hypnotherapy playing a real role in modern therapy.”

There’s always the assumption that hypnotherapy is… theatrical but Helen promises that she will only use therapeutic interventions that have robust, empirical evidence to support its efficacy and does not profess to be an expert at curing every and any known issue, because there are treatments that are better than hypnotherapy for some issues and ailments, she admits. 

“Swinging watches, people clucking like chickens…thankfully these misconceptions are waning when hypnotherapy is mentioned and it’s becoming more mainstream and used in many NHS hospitals,” states Helen Wyer, “It’s now better known as an enjoyable process that can create dramatic, positive and long-lasting change.” 

Helen is now offering online sessions via Zoom and this online move has enabled her to work with people all over the UK, Europe, and even India. She’s even begun supporting several businesses by running mental health workshops and one-to-one support sessions for their employees. 

Throughout lockdown, she’s also been creating short self-help videos on her social media so you can really see what she’s about. 

To see what Helen can do for you, head to her website here (link) or contact her on 07795832740. To check out some of her online self-help videos, given her a like on Facebook (@helenwyeradvancehypnotherapy), a follow on Instagram (Advance Hypnotherapy) and Twitter (@helenwyer). 

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