Full-Time Nanny Looking For A Family

Niki is looking to become a full-time, non-live in, nanny for a lucky family in Suffolk, having recently moved from London to live with her partner, willing to see a family anywhere within 40 minutes of Suffolk. 

At the age of 30, Niki has found a job that she truly loves: childcare. Banishing the Monday blues, she feels like she is finally doing something that she was always meant to do. 

Prior to working in childcare, Niki spent five years working for an airline before moving into fashion production whilst struggling to find something that gave her purpose. 

Now, she’s certain that childcare is it and is looking to help look after some children for an amazing family. Having worked in childcare for nine years, working with the same family during that time, she’s certain she’s what a lovely family needs to make life a little easier. 

“Being part of a family and helping guide the next generation through their early years, is a joy and privilege that I’m so grateful I get to experience,” Niki said.  

The challenges of Covid meant that she was no longer able to care for them, given government guidelines, but is looking to get back to her passion after this lockdown. 

Having lived and worked in London for 15 years, a new chapter now begins in Woodbridge for Niki, with her Suffolk born boyfriend having purchased their first home together and continuing to pursue her career as an Ofsted registered nanny. 

If you’re interested in hiring Niki as your full-time nanny, give her an email on: noodle1981@icloud.com

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