Frobishers: The Wig and Hair Piece Specialists

Frobishers Wigs is a family-run wig specialist that have been providing the finest quality wigs and hairpieces since 1979, and offer both custom-made and synthetic wigs.

Jean, who joined the Ipswich company over 40 years ago, purchased Frobishers with her husband and has been developing the company ever since – now offering hats, wigs and hairpieces.

“When I first joined, we were originally making hairpieces for gentlemen. At that time, everything was made with traditional materials but, I joined just at a time when things were changing, there were new materials, new meshes, new ways of doing things. We did a lot of research and started by making new hairpieces in a completely different way.”

Jean has been working for Frobishers for over 40 years!

The style of wigs now keeps pace with current fashion, but back in the day, you could only get solid hair colours – brown, blonde, black. Now there is an endless variety of cuts, colours, tones, and lengths, with greens, purples, blues and pinks all available alongside the more traditional styles.

If you just want a wig for fun or fashion, all are welcome at Frobishers… even horses.

“Because we make ponytails from real hair, we eventually found ourselves with an appointment for a horse somehow. It had been a stud and one of the other mares had chewed its tail off! So they bought me some horsehair to sort out – we literally made a ponytail out of real horsehair and that was put back on this horse so that it could compete in the dressage again. It was very bizarre but we enjoyed it!”

So what can you expect from an appointment with the lovely team at Frobishers?

Well, first of all, you get a tour around the showroom, where you get to see all of the lovely wigs on display. They take the time to find out what you are looking for – what kind of length, style, and colour – and are happy to advise. Once you’ve picked your favourite wigs, they take you through to the fitting rooms where they teach you how to put the wig on correctly.

Then, when you’re happy with your selection, an onsite hair stylist personalises your wig, measuring your head so that the wig fits perfectly and making sure the fringe is the right length and that the hair frames your face well. Finally, the team shows you how to wash and take care of your wig so that you really get the best out of it.

The Showroom at Frobishers in Ipswich

Alongside private work, Jean and her family work alongside the NHS, offering wigs to those who have lost hair through chemotherapy or Alopecia.

“So often we hear that the worst part of chemotherapy is the loss of hair”, explains Jean. “You can so sympathise – hair, unconsciously, becomes such a big part of your identity.

“Whenever anyone comes in that’s having chemo it’s only natural for them to feel apprehensive. It’s so lovely to watch them visibly relax throughout the appointment and then end up actually enjoying the experience and have them leave happy and confident.

“We want the wigs to become part of you, we want you to look in the mirror and see that’s it you! I love seeing that satisfaction in somebody’s face after they’ve found the right wig for them. There’s a confidence in their step – it’s so lovely to see.”

Frobishers is forever expanding, now launching their new website, thanks to Claire and Phil, and physically moving location to a new shop in St Helen’s Street, Ipswich. Of course, presently, Frobishers is closed to the public, but Jean and the team, including her son Phil and his wife Claire, are still doing consultant appointments over FaceTime and Zoom to make sure you still get everything that you need.

To get in contact with Frobishers, visit their new website at, give them a like on Facebook at ‘Frobishers Wigs’ or give them a call to arrange an appointment on 01473254156.

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