Form Norfolk: Jewellery With A Twist

We all love having statement accessories that match our outfits, a perfect necklace to match a stunning v-neck summer dress, a fashionable but functional headband perhaps to add that little something extra to some loose curls or a stylish updo. 

Well, no one knows this better than business owner Anna, who created ‘Form Norfolk’- an online shop for contemporary statement fiber jewellery and headbands that uses recycled cotton cords which are knotted into different styles. 

The cute and stylish online store began when Anna found herself with some extra time on her hands. Always one to need a creative outlet, Anna was given some materials from a friend which included a cotton cord and reclaimed leather- which she then made into a piece of jewellery she, personally, loved wearing. 

From there, with some helpful encouragement from friends and family, Anna took her passion for upcycling and art and transformed it into a business she loves. 

All of her products are made-to-order by Anna in her home studio, which means you can combine your choice of style, colour and size to match any outfit- a game-changer for those last-minute outfit change moments! 

Anna adores seeing how people style her products, stating: “I love seeing what style of necklaces people order in which shapes and sizes and I still get great satisfaction from seeing what combinations people choose. Every time I get a sale notification on my phone I get so excited (I’m sure the novelty will never wear off hearing that ping!).” 

As if the wide variety of choices weren’t enough, Anna still takes the time to go the extra mile with packaging, hand-stamping all of the tags, boxes and bags! 

She explained, “I love the look hand stamping gives. The packaging I use is very similar to how I’ve been personally wrapping Christmas and birthday gifts for over a decade, brown paper and butchers string, so in some ways, the brand feels like an extension of me really.” 

When buying with Form Norfolk, Anna will always ensure every client experiences incredible service, and it’s clearly paying off, one customer saying, “Beautiful necklace, such a lovely colour! Came beautifully packages. Now deciding what colour to order next!”

Another raved, “Gorgeous necklace, incredible quality and can’t wait to add more to my collection and buy as gifts.”

As you can see, Form Norfolk has had plenty of positive feedback, which has given Anna ideas for the future already! She gave us the inside scoop: 

“As for the future of Form, it didn’t even exist a year ago so I’m shocked and delighted to have come this far in such a short space of time. If I ever spot anyone wearing a Form piece, I beam with pride. I remember on Christmas morning thinking that people are going to opening up presents all across the UK with something I’ve made inside. Blew my mind. So there are a few exciting developments in the pipeline and I have more products ideas that I cannot wait to test out and release…” 

Form Norfolk frequently brings new colours and styles to the market, and always welcomes input into product development from customers, so be sure to check it out today on Etsy (

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