Flood Takes Glasswells by Surprise but Leads to More Discounts for Customers

The recent sudden downpours flooded Glasswells in Bury St Edmunds as gallons of water overflowed drainpipes and crashed through the roof. 

The storm hit the western side of Bury St Edmunds Sunday afternoon and started to flood through the one and a half acre roof of the home furnishing superstore on Newmarket Road at around 4.00pm. The majority of customers were quickly evacuated from the store, although some chose to stop and help staff with the movement of furniture.  The flood water has caused significant damage to ceiling panels, walls, flooring and displays across all departments in the huge showroom, as well as the restaurant.

Paul Glasswell, managing director said, “It all happened so quickly; we have experience leaks through the roof before, but were taken by surprise at the sheer volume of rainwater that flooded into the building this time.  We’ve seen nothing like it in our 75 year history! All the staff came to the rescue to help move furniture and we were pushing inches of water out of the doors with brooms and mops. It is too early to assess the full extent of the damage caused at this stage and we will be closed for at least a couple of days whilst we try to remove as much of the damaged ceiling as possible and dry things out. However all hands are on deck to get the store back open as soon as possible. On the positive side, in the coming weeks customers will be able to benefit from water damaged furniture items being sold at bargain prices as we replace our displays.”

Existing customer orders should not have been affected by the flood, with the company’s main distribution warehouse being situated on the other side of town and untouched by the storm. Glasswells will provide updates about reopening the store and restaurant on their social media and website, and are currently planning a flood damage clearance event for when they reopen.



Staff and contractors have been working around the clock at Glasswells on Newmarket Road in Bury St Edmunds to clean up the devastation caused by the storm on Sunday afternoon. Around half a million litres of water has been extracted from the carpets and ceiling insulation and industrial dehumidifiers have been installed to help clear any excess moisture before the home furnishing store and Place to Eat restaurant reopens at 10am on Saturday.

The store will open with a Flood Sale, where hundreds of items of water damaged furniture and homewares will be massively reduced to clear.

Follow the Glasswells social media channels for further updates https://www.facebook.com/Glasswells/

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