Fabio Wardley: Putting Ipswich on the Boxing Map

From the streets of Ipswich to the English Heavyweight Championship, Fabio Wardley reflects on his journey from Suffolk to stardom:
“There wasn’t really one particular thing that got me into boxing. I went to the boxing gym one day and I just never left.”

Fabio started out boxing in Ipswich and has even competed in a few major fights here, “We had a show in Ipswich and it was just such a great thing to be able to do because it was the first pro-boxing show that Ipswich had had in about 20 or 25 years. It was really nice to see it go full circle, then bring it home to everyone who had supported me whilst travelling up and down the country when I’ve had fights elsewhere.”

Fabio hopes that in light of his success, more people in East Anglia will decide to pick up the gloves and throw a punch. “I want boxing to be more
accessible, so more people can get involved. Just because you come from East Anglia or somewhere where boxing isn’t a massive scene, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something or make something of it. It’s all great when you see those massive, big-name boxers, but when it’s someone that you know, it makes it that bit realer.”

Fabio always encourages everyone to at least give boxing a go after seeing the benefits the sport has given him, “Boxing has matured me a whole lot. I think boxing, and sport in general, is a massive help to mental health, just staying active is helpful in general but being a part of a boxing club or community is so much more. It’s not like you turn up, hit the bag, and leave. It’s a mini-community and you’re there for each other and you make each other better.”

The professional boxer’s career hasn’t always been smooth sailing, and he explains he has his hometown fans to thank for that:
“I just want to say thank you, massive thank you. In the early parts of my career things weren’t going great, I wasn’t part of any big shows, stages or events. Like I say, East Anglia and my supporters, they’ve always been there for me and come to my shows. So I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all those who have looked out for me. I appreciate it and hopefully over the next few years I can start to give back by having some more great nights.”

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