Emporium Norwich: An Eggcellent Easter

Would you like to feel something special on your Easter? 

Emporium Norwich brings to you an exclusive 5 O’clock Collection, presenting three stunning Easter Eggs flavours, to tantalize your palette. Inspired by the traditional British afternoon tea, and with a regal theme, this collection comes to revolutionize the world of artisanal chocolate. 

Based in Norwich, Marcela Da Costa is a chocolatier and founder of the company. The main product is the BREE-GAH-DAY-RO, which is a traditional Brazilian style artisanal chocolate confectionery with a creamy, velvet and rich texture. 

Marcela Da Costa
Pictures Credit: Mary Doggett – Instagram: @maryettphotography – www.ettphotography.co.uk

Tea-infused Brigadeiro Chocolate is the creation of this limited edition. The Brigadeiro filling just melts beautifully in your mouth.

The Palace: is an Easter Egg Dark chocolate infused with Smoky Earl Grey. The King: is a Royal blend tea with White chocolate, and the Queen Victoria: is a Victoria Grey tea with Milk chocolate.

The chocolate Emporium Norwich uses in their recipes is 100% sustainable and traceable. Owner Marcella said:

“I love creating and making art, and I believe I have put this collection on top of Norfolk’s best brands and we are already compared to established brands in the English market. That’s HUGE!”

Emporium Norwich’s mission is to provide people with happier and healthier moments, making them experience a unique flavour with constant quality and cherishing excellence in service and their vision is to be recognized as one of Norfolk´s best artisanal chocolate, through quality and good customer relationship.

Pictures Credit: Mary Doggett – Instagram: @maryettphotography – www.ettphotography.co.uk

They can ship to across the UK, and orders will be accepted until May 30th. 

To keep up-to-date with everything Emporium Norwich gets up to be sure to give them a like on Facebook on @Emporium Norwich and a follow on Instagram @emporium.norwich. To put in your own order, drop a text through WhatsApp on 07543 230155 or browse their online store at www.emporiumnorwich.co.uk

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