Crystal Rose Skin Clinic: Covid Anti-body Tests

Crystal Rose Skin Clinic, based in Needham Market is now offering quick, easy and reliable Covid-19 Antibody Testing with no fuss and super-fast results. 

Rosy from Crystal Rose Skin Clinic

In the run-up to Christmas, we all find ourselves fairly busy but it’s so important to get yourself tested if you feel you have symptoms. Luckily, this new Anti-body test will give you a result within 10-15 minutes, in comparison to the several day wait that most tests take, and the service offered is fully mobile so the lovely people at Crystal Rose can come to you with full PPE.  

The Surescreen Diagnostics Antibody test that Crystal Rose Skin Clinic is offering is fully accredited and has a COVID-CE-Mark, which guarantees the test’s authenticity, along with the test itself being approved by experts. 

Why take an antibody test? Well, the test can be really helpful if your employer or potential employer needs to know if you’ve had coronavirus before, or if you need a test for travel quickly, and with Christmas fast approaching, being sure about your health before you see your family couldn’t hurt. 

You also might have had symptoms but weren’t really sure if they were Covid-19 and just want to find out for your own peace of mind. If you’ve already had the virus and built up an antibody response, this test is the most accurate way to find out.

If you’ve had symptoms recently, you need to wait at least 14 days from when the symptoms started before you have an antibody test because your body might not have built up an antibody response yet. Otherwise, you can take this test at any time at your own convenience. 

The service is £90, which includes the home service, test, and results, and can be done on anyone over 18. Simply get in contact with Crystal Rose Skin Clinic and arrange a test at a time convenient to you. 

To find out more about the test and book an appointment, or if you have any questions about the test itself, visit Crystal Rose Skin Clinic’s website here and get in contact.

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