Crumpetorium: Crumpets Galore!

Back when the March lockdown first came into place, Katrina found herself opening her very own crumpet business after returning home from a trip to South America and finding herself without a job. 

During Kat’s worldwide adventure, where she met many amazing people, she took long hikes around Perú where conversations eventually turned to what foods everyone missed from home. Of course, a firm favourite with the British was “Crumpets dripping with butter!” 

With not much else to stop her from pursuing her passion, Kat started to come up with her own original homemade crumpets under the banner of ‘Crumpetorium’ based in Norwich. Still being new to the city, Kat was taken aback by the amount of support she received. 

Kat said: “I experimented with lots of wonderfully different flavours and the results are fairly fabulous if I do say so myself. There is so much support and energy around here for local, small-batch producers and a real sense of community amongst other foodies and customers alike.” 

These look scrumptious!

Many found themselves in dire need of comfort food and Kat was more than happy to satisfy those cravings. Now that her business has picked up steam and she has been receiving more requests further afield, Kat has started looking into postal options so that she can deliver her treats all over the UK. 

“The support from local people has been amazing – their desire to shop local really got the business off the ground and continues to drive the business forwards. Whilst my personal life has mostly been cancelled, the silver lining and the thing that’s kept me going through it all has been Crumpetorium,” said Kat. 

She’s already looking into creating some amazing new flavours, apparently the ‘Easter experiments’ are underway!

The ‘Experimental Crumpetier’ has found that she loves the freedom that working for herself brings and loves nothing more than when one of her bakes comes together perfectly. With a background in social media and marketing, Kat explained that she has formed an incredible relationship with her customers during the pandemic and hopes to continue that post-lockdown.

“I think at the moment I am lucky to have found a niche market but one that people are really excited by – I haven’t really seen anyone else in the UK doing flavoured crumpets yet. People are also really responding to the ‘preservative-free’ and ‘eco packaging’ aspects too.“

Don’t believe us about Katrina’s scrumptious crumpets? 

 Crumpetorium customer Caroline said: “We received our box of five flavours this morning, beautifully packaged, such a lovely present. We chose the cheese crumpets for lunch today adding Camembert and chutney, absolutely delicious, totally different experience to shop-bought crumpets, deep, wonderful texture and full of flavour. Would definitely recommend.”

Fellow customer Jan also said: “I was given a gift token for Christmas and ordered the ginger and cheese varieties. They arrived this morning in the most lovely packaging! We have eaten the ginger packet, with lashings of butter, and they are so amazing. A perfect pick me up in this troubled world. Don’t hesitate – just indulge. Can’t wait to try the cheese ones”

You can indulge in Kat’s infamous crumpets at Blofield Food Hall, Roscoe’s Deli and Paddock Farm Shop, once we’re safe to do so again. 

In the meantime, to get a delicious box of crumpets yourself, head to or click here to head to Crumpetorium’s website to order some and be sure to give the bakery a like and follow on Facebook and Instagram @crumpetorium to see all the delicious treats Katrina posts online… safe to say it made our mouths water! 

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