Cocoa Delicious: Comfort In The Shape Of A Spoon

On rainy days, there’s only one thing we crave: a nice steaming hot chocolate topped with fluffy whipped cream and squidgy marshmallows. It appears we’re not the only ones! 

Cocoa Delicious is a chocolate company with a twist, creating indulgent solid pieces of chocolate molded into a wooden spoon that are ready to be dunked and stirred into a mug of warm milk. It looks too good to eat… almost! 

From the Easter Collection

Starting in 2012, owner Laura founded the company out of her own love for all things hot chocolate. After leaving vet school in 2011, she ran with the concept of solid hot chocolate on a spoon, the first business in the UK founded to specialise in such things!

Since its creation in Laura’s kitchen, Cocoa Delicious has gone on to expand its menu, including signature boozy flavours as well as BYTEZbox’s which are gift-giving boxes filled with BYTEZbox chocolates. 

Laura said: “There’s something about being seated in your favourite coffee lounge with a steaming mug of hot chocolate as the world melts away around you. Why should choosing your hot chocolate be as simple as stirring instant powder with hot water and gulped down without really thinking about it? It should be an experience to be savoured and enjoyed.” 

If you’re quick- you can grab yourself something from Laura’s amazing Easter selection where you can explore hundreds of Easter flavours, like Caramel Fudge Bunny Rocky Road or her Boozy Easter Bunny Chocolate Orange Spoon… can you hear our mouths watering through the screen? 

Laura still isn’t even closed to finished yet, wanting to make her list of other ideas and flavours a reality in the future alongside upping her production and moving into bigger premises. 

She said: “I may not have had a world of business knowledge behind me, but I did have a head full of ideas and inspiration and a newfound passion for building a business to be proud of. I get to be creative every day and build a brand that I have totally fallen in love with. ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’

When asked what local company Laura loves, she said the Burger Jam – founded by Liam and Shaun, who have converted a horsebox into a street food truck, serving messy gourmet burgers. IG:

From their Christmas collection

Whether you’re indulging by the fire or soothing those sweet tooth cravings, Cocoa Delicious certainly has every flavour and style available that could satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Laura’s customers certainly think so, one stating: “By far the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I’ll never go back to instant again!”

Another saying: “A beautiful combination of chocolate and art, they look far too pretty to eat!”

To order your own little sweet treat, simply head to Laura’s online shop where you can get nationwide delivery or local collection in East Harling. To keep up-to-date with all the amazing creations Cocoa Delicious comes up with, be sure to give them a like and follow on Instagram and Facebook @cocoadelicious01 and @cocoadelicious_ on Twitter. 

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