Brownie and the Bean: ‘Hug in a Box’ Brownies

Easter may be over but here at Vanilla HQ, we’re still craving that sweet taste of sugar as we snuggle in for a cheeky treat. 

Brownie and the Bean is the brownie gifting company that we just can’t get enough of, what can we say- our sweet tooth is insatiable! 

Starting in 2019, after Charlotte Giddings had the idea of selling husband Luke’s heavily guarded family brownie recipe, Brownie and the Bean has been couriering their delicious treats all over the UK and decided to make their yummy brownies sendable gifts. 

Brownie and the Bean originally began as a café outside Bury St Edmunds train station, but decided to cease trading before lockdown due to concerns about the pandemic and had to think fast.

Charlotte told us: “To begin with, I was traveling to about ten supermarkets and petrol stations a day in order to source ingredients as supplies were scarce to say the least. I put a post in a local Facebook group, which ended up getting reposted and shared across several other groups. Before I knew it,  I was delivering across the whole of East Anglia and Cambridge in my car, by myself whilst Luke stayed home and baked.”

Brownie and the Bean developed and the idea of brownies in the post came about to help people bridge the gaps where they couldn’t get to loved ones due to the pandemic, but wanted to send a gesture that said more than just a card! That’s where their “hug-in-a-box” idea was born!

Their range not only provides an extensive variety of mouth watering (and devilishly moorish) brownies but a whole host of fabulous gift boxes including products such as Spacemasks, English bubbly wine from The Uncommon Wines of England, craft gin, locally roasted coffee and their legendary “Birthday Party in a Box”!

All of their treats are handcrafted by Luke and, having just finished their record breaking easter season, the duo are looking forward to Father’s Day, where they have created their ‘MAN Box’ just for the occasion. The brownie part of the gift contains three of Luke’s favourite flavours including their brand new Rum and Raisin. Plus there will also be a bottle of Spiced Rum in your box from their local distillery and a fantastic greeting card designed by The Popout Card Company. 

Charlotte told us: “Fathers Day is usually bigger than Christmas for us, because there are a whole lot of generous ladies out there looking to buy something special!

“The best part about our job is hearing the beautiful stories that go along with the gifts. We often read the gift notes and in our head, try to imagine the back story. We absolutely love it when our community contact us and tell us how well our gifts are revived. To know that we are doing something that brings such joy and happiness to people makes every single late night worth it!”

For now, the duo is working on their new flavours and hopes to have them finished soon. We’ll sure be the first volunteers for a taste test when the time comes! 

You can find Brownie and the Bean across the usual social media outlets (@brownieandthebean), or visit their website for more details on their full range!

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