Baking with Mish

Baking with Mish is the new sweet treat bakery taking over Ipswich – offering their own ‘Treat Boxes’ filled with plenty of goodies to satisfy that sugar craving.

Temisha Williams, the founder and namesake of Baking with Mish, started this tasty business after being furloughed from the insurance company, that she has worked at for seventeen years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

“It was the perfect time to bake and I sort of fell into making ‘treat boxes’ for friends and family and it all started from there.”

Temisha has always had a sweet tooth and decided that now was the best opportunity to take that leap and make her own bakery business. She has found that lockdown brought a huge demand for her treat boxes, with plenty of requests for her delicious cakes.

I have always loved to bake, since I was very young. I remember my mum buying me Tom & Jerry cupcake mixes when I was really young and baking with my nan.”

The Ipswich based baker works from home with her two little boys, cooking up a storm of goodies.

Temisha feels that the unique designs and amazing customer service gives her and edge in the baking industry, as well as her passion for baking.

I love baking and, being a small business, I feel I have the time to put my love into each and every bake. I get a great sense of satisfaction from making someone happy with my baking and seeing a big smile on their face when I present their order.”

If you want a sneak peek into what festive goods Temisha has to offer for the upcoming Christmas season, be sure to head to her Facebook page ( you might find you get a craving for something sweet!

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