New Study Reveals This Autumn And Winters Biggest Fashion Trends According To TikTok

  • New TikTok analysis reveals jumpsuits are the most popular fashion trend for Autumn and Winter.
  • Puffer jackets and green dresses also rank as the second and third hottest trends of the season, respectively.
  • Boots are also a trending item on TikTok this season with three different types of boots making the top ten.

A new study reveals that jumpsuits are this Autumn and Winter season’s most popular trend. 

The research carried out by fashion experts at Boohoo, examined this season’s most anticipated styling and fashion choices on TikTok by the number of views each hashtag has accumulated on the app.

The study revealed that jumpsuits are the biggest fashion trend this season, with #jumpsuit reaching a total of 357.2 million views. Jumpsuits are a staple when it comes to convenience as they offer the ease of having a whole outfit in one, being an easy way to keep warm and stay stylish. Long sleeve jumpsuits have seen a huge surge in interest over the past year, with searches for ‘long sleeve jumpsuit’ jumping by 135% just in the past month, proving just how desirable these jumpsuits are.

The second most popular fashion trend for this new season are puffer jackets. Other than the fact that they are essential for keeping warm in the colder seasons, puffer jackets are extremely popular due to their durability and lifespan if looked after properly. A puffer jacket is the perfect investment piece and has been seen on celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner in many different styles and colours. The hashtag #Pufferjacket places the item second by gaining 205.5 million views on TikTok.

Green dresses are this Autumn and Winter’s go-to for any party go-er or anyone who wants to make a statement. The hashtag #Greendress has 159.3 million views on TikTok, proving its popularity surge. The rise in popularity for the style can likely be attributed to green dresses being a favourite of many celebrities recently, for example, Olivia Wilde wore a Valentino green dress to the Don’t Worry Darling premiere in Spain, as well as Kylie Jenner, who was photographed during Paris Fashion Week when leaving a Balenciaga show in a florescent green smock dress. 

Pleated skirts also rank as one of the most popular styles this season, with #Pleatedskirt seeing 90.7 million views on TikTok. Pleated skirts are a timeless option, and they are currently seen everywhere, no matter what style or length. 

The fifth most popular fashion trend for the Autumn and Winter seasons are equestrian style pieces. Mainly seen on royalty such as Kate Middleton and Lady Louise Windsor, incorporating equestrian-style pieces into an everyday wardrobe can be very easy, even with a tweed-style blazer. The hashtag #Equestrianstyle has 88.9 million views on TikTok.

Three different types of boots go on to dominate the top ten. Knee-high boots are the sixth most popular fashion trend for this new season, with TikTok views for #Kneehighboots seeing over 82.6 million on the platform. Knee-high boots are often seen as a statement piece, making it easier to plan the rest of an outfit around the boots themselves. Knee high boots are a simple way to keep warm whilst elongating your legs.

Ranking as the seventh most popular Autumn and Winter trend are moon boots. After making a comeback last year in 2021, this year, they are back with the hashtag #Moonboots seeing 65.8 million views on TikTok. 

Chunky Boots rank in eighth position in the findings, all due to the 42.6 million views for #Chunkyboots on TikTok. A chunky boot is practical, durable and very comfortable, which is why this trend seems to stick yearly. New adaptations of the chunky boot are on the rise, with ‘platform chunky boots’ seeing a 230% increase over the past month in the UK.

Sequin dresses are the ninth most popular fashion trend this Autumn and Winter. Sequin dresses have not only made their come back on the runways ahead of party season, but also on social media, and the hashtag #Sequindress on TikTok has 41.9 million views, securing its spot in the top ten.

The tenth most popular fashion trend for this Autumn and Winter season are maxi skirts. Maxi skirts are ideal for the transitional period and have been seen popping up all over Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok in many different styles, but one of the biggest styles of maxi skirt that has been re-introduced from the 2000’s is the cargo-style maxi skirt. The hashtag #Maxiskirt has 33.4 million views on TikTok. 

A spokesperson from Boohoo commented on the findings: “Fashion is a huge part of social media and increasingly so on TikTok, and it is so exciting to spot emerging trends that are showcased through short clips online.  

This study gives us an exciting insight into which styles and trends are here to stay for this season. It will be fascinating to see which styles become favourable online as we look towards a new year of fashion.”

Autumn and Winters most popular fashion trends according to TikTok

RankTrendHashtag Number of hashtags
1Jumpsuit#Jumpsuit          357,200,000 
2Puffer Jacket#Pufferjacket          205,500,000 
3Green Dress#Greendress          159,300,000 
4Pleated Skirts#Pleatedskirt            90,700,000 
5Equestrian#Equestrianstyle            88,900,000 
6Knee High Boots#Kneehighboots            82,600,000 
7Moon boots#Moonboots            65,800,000 
8Chunky Boots#Chunkyboots            42,600,000 
9Sequin Dresses#Sequindress            41,900,000 
10Maxi Skirts#Maxiskirt            33,400,000 

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