“The Stranger That Called” is a 4-week tailor made workshop to aid recovery in eating disorders

Do YOU or someone YOU know suffer with an eating disorder?

Are YOU or someone YOU know in and out of hospital and you don’t know where else to turn too?

Do YOU or someone you know feel like a stranger has called, taken over your body and you feel that the actual person is deep down screaming for help?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then it means you or someone you love is suffering from the cruel mental illness that is an eating disorder. I have been there, I battled for over 10 years to recover from Anorexia Nervosa. I got told I would be a revolving door and I would never have a healthy relationship with food or exercise again. They were wrong, as I am recovered, recovery is possible and I am walking proof.

I am now a specialist in eating disorders and a lived experience worker. I am now the founder of the “The Stranger That Called” and Muscle Mind Wellness.

“The Stranger That Called” is a 4-week tailor made workshop to aid recovery in eating disorders, this 8-hour specialist run workshop includes:

✅️ Worksheets and homework

✅️ Presentations

✅️ Group activities

✅️ 1-2-1 personal support

✅️ Carer and parents are supported too

✅️ Free snack and drink to aid recovery 

✅️ Lifetime tools

✅️ Guest speakers

✅️ Lifetime support from myself 

What I can promise you is the best care and support for you and your loved one whilst giving you the tools you need to aid recovery.

With over 15 worksheets, 8 group activities, 4 homework tasks, constant 1-2-1 support and more. You or your loved one will be given the tools and care they need to aid recovery, improve their health/mental wellbeing and make recovery possible.

All of these tools, worksheets, support and the chance to be the first to take part in “The Stranger That Called” workshop with me a lived experience and specialist is just £99.99! Only 7 spaces available for the first workshop so get booked on now to not be disappointed. Secure your place below by putting a £50 deposit down today and not have to pay the rest until the day of the first class on the 27th of July.


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