Tattoo Removal in Action

There are lots of reasons for wanting a tattoo removed. It could be a joke tattoo that isn’t funny anymore, dates and names that are no longer relevant, or traumatic tattoos from a car accident, which has embedded gravel in your skin. Medical tattoo dots can also be removed after radiotherapy using QS laser tattoo removal. You could be wearing a tattoo that you love but there is an area that needs removing or you love your tattoos and need a blank canvas for your new chosen tattoo artist to work on. Fade-downs are becoming increasingly popular too.

Q-switched lasers are the only really effective lasers for tattoo removal. These lasers penetrate deep into the skin, with minimal risk of scarring and pigmentation changes.

QS Lasers produce an intense, focused beam of light into the tattoo Ink which then absorbs the light energy and causes the tattoo pigment to break down. These tiny particles are then removed by the body via the lymphatic system.

Watch a tattoo removal in action by laser specialist, Juliette John.

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